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Building Your Dream Stand-Alone Solar System with BYD Batteries

BYD Battery – Stand Alone Solar

BYD is a lithium iron phosphate battery used with an external solar inverter. Stand alone Solar .  Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) comes with lots of advantages over other lithium and lead-acid batteries. It is a cobalt-free battery with a longer lifespan, safer to use than conventional battery chemistries, and lightweight with improved discharge and charge efficiency. This makes it a quality battery with the safest technology. LFP batteries function as well in a wide range of temperatures that enable them to work in various applications. BYD, a short term for “Build your Dreams”, is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world that offers lithium energy storage systems in off-grid solutions for both residential and commercial applications and is the best modular battery systemA Stand-Alone Solar System. The BYD Battery-Box range variants include the LVS and LVL Premium.
BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is compatible with some of the single-phase hybrid inverters from brands such as SMA. This battery system has a rating of IP55 which means it is suitable even in outdoor areas. 


It can connect 1 to 6 battery modules in parallel, producing high energy capacity from 4kwh up to 24kWh. This is a greater amount of energy compared to the 14-kWh capacity of other conventional batteries. With some ranges being able to connect up to 64 modules, producing energy as high as 256kWh. This is an excellent choice for a system that requires a huge amount of storage capacity.

Modular Battery

The modular nature of BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is designed for simpler and easier installation. Its patented internal connection has no additional wirings needed and can be installed quickly. It is flexible and efficient to use and able to produce high energy for its applications. 

BYD Battery-Box LVL Premium is another modular battery that is compatible with off-grid inverters such as SMA, Victron, and Selectronic. This lithium battery is able to produce a usable energy ratio of 96%. 


It has an increased capacity of 15.4kWh per module, which is higher than the common usable energy of most batteries and it is also scalable up to 64 modules producing a high energy capacity of 983kWh. This makes this battery system suitable for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications. It is flexible to use and is compatible with both single and three phase systems. 


BYD Battery-Box LVL Premium is also the most suitable modular battery for off-grid systems where surging loads are used due to its high peak discharge capacity. It has a peak output current value of 375 A (5 sec.). 


It has an easy installation process and is space-saving due to its modular design. Two premium batteries can be put together in a plug & play type configuration, suitable for locations with limited space and can be installed quickly.


Both the BYD Battery-Box LVS and LVL Premium offer a warranty of 10 years.  The scalability of these products using a modular system is undeniably the main feature that makes them ideal batteries for off-grid applications.

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