How to SetUp WiFi Monitoring for your ABB Inverter

How to Set Up Wi-Fi Monitoring for your Fimer (ABB) Inverter

Fimer (ABB) Inverter – Setup WiFi Monitoring

To setup wifi morning for your ABB Inverter:

  1. Access Wi-Fi network settings on your computer or smartphone. ABB should appear in the list of available networks, connect to it. The default password is ABBSOLAR. This password will change to your inverter’s Product Key 24 hours after the inverter is powered on.
  2. Your inverter is now connected to the ABB network. Open the internet browser on your device and type the IP address into the address bar.
  3. A page will appear to set up an administrator username and password, then select ‘NEXT’.
  4. Select the drop-down menu under ‘IP SETTINGS’ and set to DHCP. If you choose to allocate a fixed IP address, then select ‘STATIC’. Under ‘AVAILABLE NETWORK’, select your home network, enter your password, then select ‘CONNECT’.
  5. A confirmation message will appear, select ‘NEXT’. Another message will appear confirming you’re connected. Select ‘NEXT’.
  6. Date and time settings will appear, select relevant time zone and date, then select ‘NEXT’. Click the drop-down box under ‘Grid Standard’ and select AS4777 (Australia). If applicable, choose your input mode and meter then ‘END’.

  7. A test phase will run, and the inverter will reboot. A message will display that the connection has completed.


How to Set up Aurora Vision Account

  1. Access the Aurora Vision website: Visit the login page and select ‘Sign up’. A list of instructions appears, read these, and select ‘NEXT’.
  2. Input your personal details into relevant fields and select ‘NEXT’. A confirmation email has sent to your inbox. Click the link in this email. This takes you to where you finish setting up your account.
  3. Input installer’s information and select ‘NEXT’. 
  4. Register devices by inputting the MAC address for your inverter then select ‘I’M DONE’. The MAC address is on your router. Wait 15-20 minutes for the information to upload.


Setting up Plants & Registering Wi-Fi Logger – Aurora Vision

Creating A New Plant:

  1. Access and log in. Click on ‘Account Preferences’ next to the search function (grey head symbol). Select ‘Administration’.
  2. Select ‘PLANTS’ 🡪 ‘PLANT GROUPS’ 🡪 ‘ADD NEW’. Enter the plant name under ‘PLANT GROUP NAME’. Then click ‘NEXT’ 🡪 ‘SAVE’. Your plant name will appear in the PLANT GROUPS section.
  3. Select ‘ADD NEW PLANT’ in the ‘PLANTS’ section. Enter relevant information of the plant then select the arrow button. Add the latitude and longitude of the site location.
  4. The plant will appear in the ‘PLANTS’ section. Click and move it to the plant group you created then click ‘SAVE’.


Registering Logger

  1. Select ‘REGISTER LOGGER’ and add the MAC address from the inverter label, click ‘CONTINUE’.
  2. Click the relevant plant from drop-down menu then select ‘ASSOCIATE’. Click ‘HOME’ 🡪 ‘PLANT PORTFOLIO MANAGER’, then select the plant created.


Establishing USERS

  1. Select ‘ADMINISTRATION’ 🡪 ‘USERS’, then fill in the user’s information. Select the relevant plant group plus privilege role for the user. Select ‘CREATE’.
  2. Click on the user and their information will display. Select ‘RESET PASSWORD’ then add the generic password, ABBsolar1!.
  3. Now you can email the USERID and password to intended recipient, they will be instructed to change the password.

Easy guide to Setup Wifi Monitoring

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