13.32kW Off-Grid System


  • 36 x Risen Jager 370M Mono
  • 2 x SMA Sunny Boy 5.0kW
  • 1 x SMA Sunny Island 8.0kW
  • 1 x BYD Battery Box LVL


  • 5 Year Hybrid Inverter Warranty
  • 10 Year Panel Warranty
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty


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13.32kW Off-Grid System

What’s Included in 13.32kW Off-Grid?Risen Jager 370M Mono

High Power
• 370W front power and 20.1% module efficiency with half-cut and MBB (Multi Busbar) technology bringing more BOS savings
• Severe salt mist, ammonia & blown sand resistance for seaside, farm and desert environments
• Excellent low irradiance performance
High Reliability
• Ensured PID resistance through cell process and Positive tight power tolerance
• Dual stage 100% EL inspection warranting defect-free product
• Excellent mechanical load 2400Pa &s snow load 5400Pa resistance.
High Energy Regeneration
• Anti-reflective & anti-soiling surface minimize power loss from dirt and dust
• Industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of power
• Better anti-shading performance and lower operating temperature
Power Output: 370W
Maximum Efficiency: 20.1%
Weight: 20.5kg
Solar Cells: Monocrystalline, 9BB
Dimension: 1852 x 996 x 35mm

SMA Sunny Boy 5.0kW

Single Phase
Power: 5,000
Max efficiency: 97.0%
Dimension: 435x 470 x 176mm
Weight: 17.5 kg

SMA Sunny Island

Max Efficiency: 95.8%
Power: 8000W
Dimension: 460 x 357 x 122 mm
Weight: 63 kg

BYD Battery Box LVL

Power: 15,400W
Usable Energy: 15.36 kWh
Dimension: 500 x 575 x 650 mm
Weight: 164 kg
Mounting Options: Floor

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